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Sneak Preview: October 2018 Toronto & GTA House Sales Statistics

02 November 2018
Andrew Gibson

...Below we offer you several charts taken from Toronto MLS® searches to convey stats such as Median & Average sales prices for each of the areas; Days on Market; etc., and corresponding figures for October, 2017. We've also split out some Bungalow-specific numbers for each area [again, Year-over-Year] - just to illustrate how Bungalows compare to the bigger picture...

Toronto & GTA MLS® Home Sales - September, 2018: Looking for Direction

04 October 2018
Andrew Gibson

...And, not that it's “universal” by any stretch - there are pretty wide community-to-community market divergences around the GTA - but a client asked the other day what’s going on in the relatively tony community of King City specifically. The numbers there show over fifty percent more homes sold this September versus last, but the median price of those sales has shifted lower...

Right At Home Realty inks deal with Zillow

20 September 2018
Andrew Gibson

Zillow has relationships in the U.S. with thousands of brokerages and real estate agents and hundreds of MLSs and is expanding these efforts into Canada, offering partners a simple and free way to drive global exposure to Canadian homes for sale. Zillow also receives more than 100 million visits from non-U.S. audiences a year, with the largest shares from Canada, U.K., India

Toronto & GTA MLS® Home Sales - August, 2018: YoY Figures Stable-to-Good.

06 September 2018
Andrew Gibson

Overall - meaning all residence types and the entire Toronto Real Estate Board market area - the number of sales was up 8.5% to 6,839 at an average sale price of $765,270. Note the charts are included here covering those overall figures for this August as well August 2017 and 2016, just for comparison.

July, 2018: Toronto & GTA MLS® home sales: Getting back to "normal"?

03 August 2018
Andrew Gibson

Overall - meaning all TREB areas and all residence types - 6,961 sales were reported by TREB members in July, an 18.6% jump versus last July when the market was stumbling out of it’s over-heated state and digesting the Ontario Government’s Fair Housing Plan. The overall average sale price...

Bank of Canada Agrees With Us: Market Stabilizing

11 July 2018
Andrew Gibson

Bank of Canada raises benchmark interest rate twenty-five basis points; sees housing market as having "stabilized".

June, 2018: Toronto & GTA MLS® home sales: Stabilizing?

05 July 2018
Andrew Gibson

Bungalows in Toronto & the Greater Toronto Area continued to be popular for many different types of Buyers including those downsizing; first-time Buyers; and contractors looking for projects to renovate/expand - but, as with other house styles, activity tended toward the middle price ranges..

May, 2018: Toronto & GTA MLS® home sales: Sales Down; Inventory Up

04 June 2018
Andrew Gibson

If you were selling a Freehold Bungalow in Etobicoke’s “Toronto W08” district, for example, on average you only needed 12 days to sell, and it sold for 101% of asking. That Central Etobicoke area saw 23 Freehold Bungalow sales reported at an average of $1,103,910 and 48 New Listings. In comparison, the same Bungalow up in Aurora took 65 days to sell [yeah…we went back & double-checked that!] and went for 95% of asking at a sale price of $1,368,667. Six were sold, and there were 30 newly listed.

April, 2018: Toronto & GTA MLS® home sales: A Tale of Two Markets

03 May 2018
Andrew Gibson

Not only are some market segments and geographic areas still very active, but that Days-on-Market number, for example, is still quite low: A long-term average time to sell a house is probably more in the 30 to 40 day range. As we’ve pointed out here for some time...

Toronto & GTA MLS® Home Sales - March, 2018: Getting back to "normal"?

06 April 2018
Andrew Gibson

Toronto, Ontario - April 4, 2018 – Was March, 2018 the Toronto & GTA housing market catastrophe some have called it? Hardly. More like getting back to normal...