Home Search Re-Invented. For You.

SmartSearch™ is about choice. Your choice. What you want to see...even how often you want to see it.

Every MLS® listing, as well as every "Exclusive" listing we can find that matches your criteria. No "filters" except for the ones you set. 

Many people don't realize that some websites "pre-select" which listings you see - like only one agent's listings or their office's listings or other limitations on the feed of data to a website.

But here's the simple truth: The home seller decides how their property appears on-line. Some sellers don't want their property - for a variety of reasons - on the "open" - unless the website user creates an account, thereby offering a degree of legitimacy, the property address, details, etc., are not available to view.

The bottom line: If a website doesn't require you to create an account to see all the listings, then the website is not offering you all the listings. It's that simple. 

SmartSearch gives you control. All the listings are here. You choose which ones you want to see, based on the critera you set.

And, we promise: We'll never "spam" you with stuff like muffin recipes or football calendars. In fact, we'll never send you anything that's not directly relevant to what you request. And, of course, we'll never share your info.

So go ahead. Give it a whirl. It's free. It works. Zero obligation. No muffin recipes. Set up multiple searches if you like. How cool is that? 

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