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SmartSearch™ is about choice. Your choice: What you want to see... and when. Every MLS® listing, filtered by the criteria you set, updated daily or weekly: It's up to you.

Many websites "pre-select" which listings you see - only their own listings, for example. And if a site doesn't ask you to "sign up" it's because they're not offering you all the listings.

Home sellers decide: Some people don't want all their information posted to the "open web": Those are the listings that aren't available to view...unless you create an account, thereby disclosing a bit of information about who's seeing their info. That's all.

So... go ahead. Give it a whirl. No cost. No catch. Adjust or cancel anytime. Set up multiple searches if you like...

Use the links to tell us what you're looking for & we'll get you up & running..."Pronto!"...

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